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We are a trusted member of the ‘Living Well at Home Alliance’ with Wiltshire Council. This alliance allows us to deliver exceptional services to individuals receiving assistance with their care funding as well as those seeking private care. Our expertise in care consultancy enables us to provide guidance and assistance in securing funding when required and we pride ourselves on helping our clients explore and navigate their care pathway.
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Offering in-home assessments and creating a customise care plan

We offer in-home assessments to understand your unique requirements and create a customised care plan tailored to your specific needs.

Our care packages are entirely personalised and designed to cater to each client’s unique needs. We conduct in-person assessments to determine these needs and services can range from 30 minutes of care to full-time live-in care. Whether you require several hours of care a day or just a few hours weekly, we ensure that both the care duration and the Carer is perfectly matched to your specific care plan.

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Initial assessments

Bringing care to you

Our commitment to client-focused care begins with in-person assessments, guaranteeing the precise development and mutual agreement of your care plan. In emergency situations, we can act swiftly, striving for a 24-hour response when you need us most. A comprehensive written assessment will be provided, outlining the specific care requirements and the support the team will provide to ensure personalised care delivery.

Once we commence our services, the convenience of managing administrative tasks is at your fingertips through our Family Portal. This platform offers access to regular notes exchanged between the client, Carer, family, and our support team.


Ongoing support for families

What we do

Your Brighter Days Care plan undergoes regular reviews conducted by your client support manager. These recurring assessments are crucial for identifying and accommodating any evolving care needs.

We place great importance on maintaining open communication with the client’s family. We strive for complete transparency, adjusting our approach based on the client’s preferences.

While our Carers are not nurses, they are capable of undertaking delegated nursing tasks and maintain close collaboration with healthcare professionals, including health visitors, district nurses, GPs, hospital, and hospice staff. In the case of medical requirements, the Carer will first report to their support manager. This allows us to facilitate healthcare appointments, make referrals for occupational health services, and address other medical needs as necessary.

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You can count on us

Excellent service
Reliability lies at the heart of everything we do. Ever since we embarked on our journey in 2020, our unwavering dedication has resulted in the consistent delivery of outstanding care services. This commitment ensures that our clients always receive their scheduled support visits, either from our dedicated care team or a friendly member of our approachable management team. We take great pride in being a reliable and professional partner you can trust, providing support and assistance you can rely on.

CQC Rated Good

We are rated ‘Good’ with the Care Quality Commission. 

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