Emma and Zena behind bars….but all for a good cause!

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Our Registered Manager Emma Belcher and Live-in Care Manager Zena Embleton have helped raise more than £7000 for Salisbury Hospice Charity

They took part in the charity’s Jail and Bail fundraiser, which saw members of the local community locked up in a city cell for a variety of “crimes” and held behind bars until they each raised £999.

Emma and Zena were arrested in the centre of Salisbury for crimes against confectionary – eating too many sweets, aiding and abetting excessive sugar consumption and stealing treats in the office!

Both were hauled in front of a judge in the Guildhall Magistrates Court to face questioning about their crimes and to see the evidence gathered.

Emma and Zena were both found GUILTY and sent down, locked in a cell where they had to spend their day fundraising on social media, raising enough money to secure their release. They both smashed the target, with a joint total of more than £2000. 

They were joined in the cells by three other ‘criminals’ and between then they all raised over £7000, which was fantastic.

The Jail and Bail event was a really unique fundraising event and Emma and Zena had a great time raising funds and awareness for the work that Salisbury Hospice Charity does. The money raised will ensure the charity can continue providing an excellent service to clients and their families.

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Find out more about the work of Salisbury Hospice Charity here Home – Salisbury Hospice (salisburyhospicecharity.org.uk)  or here (1) Facebook

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