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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week (13th to 19th May 2024) and the theme this year is “Movement: Moving more for our mental health”.

Regular exercise is proven to improve mental health but, despite over 80% of people being aware of the close link between the body and the brain, less than 40% of adults meet the recommended amount of daily activity.

We support our whole staff team to look after and improve their mental health, offering a range of tools and advice to help them do this. Within that we promote the importance of physical activity and encourage staff to take breaks and go for walks.

We also make sure our clients are given the opportunity for movement wherever possible, as we know this can have a big impact on their mental and physical wellbeing.

Click here to read more from the Mental Health Foundation about moving more for our mental health.

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Boost your mental health by moving more | Mental Health Foundation

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